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1975: Started a punk cover band called "Little Pinto and the Rearend Collisions", played guerrilla gigs around a commune
1981: Started punk band "Jimmy Baker" performed at Mabuhay Gardens and Berkeley Square
1995: Recorded "Cortez", in a cement room on a four track. A stark folk tale of an urban cop. CMJ editor Scott Frampton: "Liked it a lot... but don't get too excited!"
1997-1998: launches castlerobertson record label, records first LP "Substantial Reports of Airplay"
April 1999: Reworks songs from "Substantial Reports" and writes 5 new songs, releases "Trapped Under the Tor"
November 1999: records the EP "Momusissus" a set of parodies of Ovid stories with pop stars inserted for fun, uses the Roland SH3A analog monotone synthesizer for the first time on a recording.
March 2000: begins work on his EP of six instrumental songs "Reflections on a Past Life" recorded exclusively with the Roland.
Summer 2000: records "Sebastien Hein" and "Christine", an acoustic ballad reviewed by Robin Carmody for Freaky Trigger (August 2000): "The English psychedelic tradition I love isn't the overdone bastardisation of the 70s, it's the more simple, clear and expressive sound of the late 60s. Lucas's vocal style is the combination of removed idolisation and desire for closeness that defines all the finest Romantic pop. One of his best moments yet."
February 2001: American Patchwork/Momus wishes to curate an LP of the Roland based music. Rroland sets out to compose and record the rest of the LP, using two other past life experiences as a springboard.
March 2001: finishes the project

Rroland is currently rehearsing his live solo show.

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